Client Testimonials

I am not the average person that just wants to lose weight. I underwent weight loss surgery in February 2016. Martina helped me prepare for my surgery and was right there post op to help me make my food choices from my liquid diet, to soft foods, and finally eating solids. Not only did I change my diet, I also changed what I eat (more plant-based and no meats). Another challenge for us! Through all my changes, ups and downs, Martina has adapted to meet my individual needs. She has guided me with making healthy choices and how to get the proper nutrition based on the smaller amounts of foods that I am able to eat. She coaches me via emails and online chats; individualized commentary for coaching, sharing ideas, recipes, techniques, and “atta girls”. Most recently Martina is coaching me to run my first 5k in June 2018. I can’t believe it! I never thought I would be able to run for more than one minute at a time, but CoachPlag believed in me. Not only will she be at the race to cheer me on! She will be running right beside me! — ‘Atta Girl’ Pottstown, PA